Food Waste

Food Waste Facts

  • One-third of all the worlds food is wasted. This is 1.3 billion tons of food, which is enough to feed 4 times the number of people suffering from hunger today.
  • One of the most important things we can do to fight climate change is to reduce food waste. 
  • Composting can reduce emissions by 2.3 billion tons over the next 30 years.  
  • Wealthy countries waste 220 million tons of food, which end up in landfill producing methane gases, that are 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Be a Food Waste HoW Changer

  • ReDUCe Reduce and eliminate your food waste! Buy the right amount of food. Make sure you put the right amount of food on your plate. Take home uneaten food for leftovers. Eat food before it expires.
  • Rethink Rethink trash by composting your food scraps.
  • Redestribute Share your food with others. Have any garden or fruit tree that has more than you can eat? Donate to a local food pantry or organization. Have extra cans and boxes- restock food banks.
  • Request Ask your local grocery stores and restaurants what they do to help with food waste. What happens to items on the shelves before they expire? What happens with leftovers? What is their food waste data?
  • Reach Out Contact your local, state and federal representatives about laws that affect food distribution and food waste in your area. Follow the link below, enter your address and find the contact information for all your current government representatives.
  • Their contact information is provided, reach out and ask for change to your most pressing issues.
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