Over and over we heard the same statement - tap water is GOOD and that the plastic water bottle industry is convincing us otherwise to increase sales.

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HoW Club Guide

Find out HoW you can make a difference at your school!

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Join HoW’s campaign #CutOutCutlery to change habits of single-use plastic cutlery. 40,000,000,000 plastic utensils are thrown away every year.

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Pledge to be a HoW Changer

Pledge $10 a month to support HoW Programs and Environmental Advocacy

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Social Media – We Challenge YOU

Participate in our social media challenges: you have the power and platform to spread eco-conscious ideas.

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Our campaign #LAGREENTEEN launched March 19, 2019!

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HoW protects the environment by finding solutions to create collective
societal change through individualized shifts in habitual behavior.
We believe in the power of one.


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